Green Mountain Moss by T Fawcett Designs

Hello! my name is Tony.
I'm a terrarium artist and owner of Green Mountain Moss, LLC

Green Mountain Moss is a newly established farm and terrarium supply store in Southwestern Vermont.
At GMM we cultivate and care for many species of amazing and diverse local mosses.

Each moss order is personally hand picked, cleaned and packed, guaranteed to be delivered as fresh as the day it was harvested.

From the majestic Climacium Tree Moss, to the more common but beautiful, Delicate Fern Moss. You won't be disappointed with our ever changing selection of live mosses and terrarium supplies. GMM strives to bring you the best quality moss you can find, perfect for your terrariums and other nature inspired creations.

Check out my Instagram page @tfawcettdesigns where I regularly post my mossy terrarium designs for inspiration, along with information and IDs on the many different mosses that I come across.
Also please follow us @greenmountainmoss for more updates on new products and ideas!

I fell in love with moss when I realized I was surrounded by so many different varieties in my own yard, which helped fuel my passion for building terrariums.

GMM is my way of expressing the enjoyment of creating terrariums using the mossy wonders that I forage and cultivate on my land in the Green Mountain state of Vermont. If you're looking for bulk quantities unfortunately this isn't for store for you, I specialize in fresh green top quality hand picked mosses to help complete your creative vision.

Thank you for your support,